Tiny Pony Has A Dream

Check out this little guy taking a nap and dreaming his little heart out lol. Such a cute video!From OMG Cute Things

Pandas Have A Blast Playing On Slide

Pandemonium! Cute, little pandas playing on a slide is a must-watch video.From OMG Cute Things

10 Pets Dressed As Super Heroes

In honor of Comic Con, we present some of our favorite pets in costumes:         From OMG Cute Things

24 Animals Cuddling With Stuffed Animals

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Angelina Jolie Is So Thin It’s Scary

Angelina Jolie looked frighteningly frail at dinner with her stick thin frame on display. Click through the gallery to see her scary, skinny body.Jolie's...

Just 5 Super Cute Animals

Nothing fancy here. Just 5 pictures of adorable animals.    From OMG Cute Things

16 Very Sleepy Animals

They’re so cute and ready to snuggle!              From OMG Cute Things

Cat Hugs Gigantic Potato

I've never been more jealous of a potato in my entire life.

Watch These Awesome Dogs Play On Swings

Dogs on swings. Look at them they think they’re human lol.From OMG Cute Things

34 Pictures Of Cute Kittens

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12 Puppies In Costumes

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6 Animals That Like To Party

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How Kylie Jenner Has Aged Over ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’

2007Keeping Up With The Kardashians first aired in 2007 when Kylie was 10 years old. She was just a kid. 2008Here is Kylie at age...

‘NYC Bunnies’ Is My New Favorite Show

Now THAT's a show that would captivate viewers across the globe.

19 Memes That Only Women Can Appreciate

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Cat In Shark Costume Rides Roomba, Amuses Baby In Shark Costume

This cat dressed as a shark is probably the most entertaining thing you’ll see all day. From OMG Cute Things

Baby Dory Stole The Show In ‘Finding Dory’

We’ve waited so long for Finding Dory and, thank the big fish in the sky, it was worth it.mindovermatter-xx.tumblr.comHank is already a septopus icon.Disney...

Everything You Need To Know About Having A Pet Fox

Do a YouTube search for pretty much any smallish animal you can think of and there'll be several videos of a "tame" or "pet"...

Chihuahua REALLY Wants To Go On A Walk

What a reaction! Love the way that Chihuahua kept turning their head to the side.

Super Cute Animal Compilation

There's no better way to start your Saturday morning than with a good ol' compilation of animals being super cute. Enjoy!

Ugly Animals That Have Cute Babies

Baby animals are notoriously adorable. But you may be shocked to learn that some of the most adorable babies have the ugly parents. Take a...

Watch These Sisters’ Reaction To A Special Surprise Under Their Christmas...

Courtney Solstad, 37, of Dallas, Texas, along with her husband Steve, made their three daughters' Christmas wishes come true. Chloe, Emma and Maci were brought to joyous tears...

18 Extremely Adorable Things That Babies Do

It’s babies’ jobs to be cute, from the tufts of hair on their heads down to their itty-bitty wittle toes. One yawn can turn an entire roomful...

Baby Boy Tries To Fall Asleep On The Couch

We don't know which boy is cuter: Baby Aaron who's trying to sleep and is failing miserably? Or his brother who's completely into his...

Professor Kitty Cat

How cute is this kitty in glasses and a vest? Incredibly adorable, right?

Love Cats? Well, Then This Video Is For You

There are always so many great things the cameras pick up, but only so many minutes in one video to show them all. This video, however,...

How One Dog Became A Beacon of Hope For So Many

During the summer of 2009, one Facebook picture caught social media by storm. This iconic picture of a scarred, defeated, filthy, beat-up "bully breed" dog.,...

Puppy Rescued From Rowlett Wreckage

The EF-3 tornado that went through Rowlett, TX caused the home of Michael Delgado to completely collapse. His grandmother and brother were inside when...